BR #23 | Chloe's Crusade! (The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. II) | Donnalyn Vojta | New Traditions Publishing | ★★★★

Book - Chloe's Crusade! (The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. II)
Author - Donnalyn Vojta
Publisher - New Traditions Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) After 44 years on this Earth, the one constant, in terms of Donnalyn Vojta's strengths, is writing. From college to legal writing to lesson planning, and now fiction writing, it is her favorite and strongest skill. Vojta has a B.A. (cum laude) in Philosophy, including a minor in Literature. She also earned her J.D. in 1999. When she is not writing fiction, Vojta is working as an Academic Private Tutor in all subjects related to English.

Book Review: "Chloe's Crusade! (The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. II)" by Donnalyn Vojta is a suspense thriller and continues the adventures of a unique narration from Teddy bears after Vol. I where we see most of the previous characters returning for a thrilling adventure in South America and Europe this time. We have two new narrators this time - Tiny Bear and Rocco Bear who play a crucial role in narrating the main events of the story. There are adventure, mystery, thrill, excitement, love and a sense of duty all coupled in a wonderful plot as the story progresses.

As the title suggests, Chloe is the main protagonist in this second volume and the story, or events mainly take place because of her. She's an FBI agent now who is tasked with local Officer Sanchez in Venezuela to investigate and successfully grab the head of Cartel clan, a drug mafia giant whose business originates in South America and spreads over vast stretches of the USA, Australia, and Europe. This connection with Europe gives the perfect setting to bring in our old characters who are currently living in Paris, France. It gives our protagonist an opportunity to make the best use of resources for leads deriving help from her known acquaintances back home. Will she succeed in her mission? Are the family members safe helping the FBI? Is there one or many moles within the FBI itself? Who is the drug cartel lord and is he really undercover? These delightful questions are answered in a gripping tale where characters struggle to balance their peaceful newly found personal life and a sense of duty to eradicate drug trafficking.

While at some places the character names have been jumbled up and there is a little confusion in deciphering, the story overall leaves a satisfactory conclusion for the readers. The fact that such suspense story endings may not always go according to plan is a treat for a real-world scenario where nor everyone is happy, so it's a good compromise. The conclusion is commendable, probably because it hints at another sequel in this wonderful tale of plots, and numerous sub-plots which portray all the shades of human behavior over the course of time.

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