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Book - What is an Indian?
Author - Tarun Deep Singh
Publisher -
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Tarun Deep Singh is an IT professional, currently living in Chandigarh. He loves to read and review books. He has done his MS in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA. Tarun Deep has co-authored a US patent on Fault Isolation on PCI bus. He is passionate about writing and likes to express his thoughts. He loves to play Table Tennis and writing poems in Hindi. Following are the list of his previous publications:

1. Self Published Book available at “Man Is A Thought: Scientific and Theological Journey To Space of Thoughts.”
2. Self Published Book available at “What Is an Indian?”
3. Story “Resurrection of Faith” published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Teenage Soul-Teen Talk-Growing Up by Westland Publishers.

Book Review: "What is an Indian?" by Tarun Deep Singh is a book of reflections and personal insights on what traits a person should possess in order to call himself an Indian. The book throws light upon various aspects of society hinting on different insights to improve our standard of living. India is a country of diverse colors and tradition with over a billion people. Naturally, there are problems that need our attention for a brighter future. The author takes an impartial but optimistic approach in this book to reveal some of his thoughts on how to make India glorious again.

Some of the key topics which the book addresses are women rights, education, spiritualism, terrorism, youth, society and population with its associated activities. The author has portrayed problems in all these sectors affecting us at present citing references from historical books and modern newspapers. He has been successful in providing answers on how to solve some problems while improving on the conditions of others through a systematic and logical approach pointwise as well as topic-wise. A particularly nice feature of this book is the use of footnotes on the bottom of many pages. However, this book could have been improved if the author availed proofreading and editing services for grammatical improvements. The writing is appreciable since it is from the heart but in order to add more literary smoothness, there needs to be a level of efficiency in tackling difficult explanations especially when writing an inspiring book.

The book is overall very informative with chapters, sub-chapters, and appendices providing adequate measures, counter-measures, debates, and arguments instilling a feeling of patriotism on our rich culture, traditions, and unity over the millenniums. Despite the many evils affecting India's progress, the author is hopeful towards a bright future of our country and enlists a series of traits in this book on what it truly means to be an Indian.

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