BR #21 | The Ascent of Love | Rooprashi | Invincible Publishers | ★★★★

Book - The Ascent of Love
Author - Rooprashi
Publisher - Invincible Publishers
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Management Executive, author and blogger, Rooprashi is an individual brimming with stories. The author, whose debut novel “The Girl Who Saw It All” made waves across the country, possesses both compassion and composure as well as a capacity for empathy that is clearly reflected in her writing. She writes with an aim to motivate her readers and infuse positivity in society.

She loves writing motivational and spiritual pieces as well as quotes. For more info on her writing and updates on her latest articles and books, you can visit her website

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Book Review: "The Ascent of Love" by Rooprashi is an adventurous love story full of colors and beauty - of life, relationships and nature. It does not take long for one to realize that the story will manifest into encounters and chance coincidences shaping future events. There is a sense of 'ascent' as the story progresses. The journeys we undertake defines the best of who we are and there are many glimpses of philosophical explanations in between lines which deserves appreciation. A skilfull bridge is made between the past and present lives of the protagonists along with a setting of beautiful mountains and picturesque landscapes.

Taara is a self-determined young girl who has set on to make her parents proud by taking up mechanical engineering while Vedant is a college senior who is quite the gangster within campus. They fall in love with each other and Taara realizes over time that she is unable to balance her primary target of being in college with a relationship that was becoming intoxicating for her over time, partly because Vedant being the rich kid was becoming increasingly possessive without ever getting love from his family and baking entirely upon Taara for support. It is no wonder that the relationship ended dramatically.

Fast forward few years and we see Taara embarking on a journey of self-realization with high spirits on a mountaineering course. It is here that a chance encounter with Vedant brings out the inevitable fear inside her, that of him being in the same course too! But is Vedant a changed man now? Will Taara accept him again? Does she still have feelings for her ex? One must read this story to find answers to these questions as mountaineering has always been a team effort and having one's ex in a team will definitely sprout complicacy. However, despite the usual narration of a love story we also encounter some beautiful pages filled with friendship moments and family love. It is a reminder that no love story is complete without the support of our dear ones - a marvelous aspect of this short read.

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