BR #19 | Cocoa Truths | Sadiya Sultana | BookLeaf Publishing | ★★★★

Book - Cocoa Truths
Author - Sadiya Sultana
Publisher - BookLeaf Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) After having worked in Finance and Human resources Sadiya proceeds with writing to utilize her best qualities, communication and analyzing with a dash of sweetness and a splash of bitterness. Originally from Bangalore, India, she currently resides in Dubai. Poetry to her is very therapeutic. Writing down a poem and sipping coffee has been her quick fix from all the chaos. She writes poetry in both English and Urdu.

Book Review: "Cocoa Truths" by Sadiya Sultana is a collection of 20 short poems or short pieces of write-ups which when punched together and arranged in a definitive manner, tell a story of love, lust, and longing. The style adopted by the poet is unique, wherein she numbers the headings of the poems reflecting an array of things to read and patterns to follow. This is backed by the absence of a contents page which further makes the book interesting to read.

The narrative style is almost entirely in the first person which kind of makes some pages or pieces of writing similar in experience that the poet might have had. The poems speak of love (mostly) but more so in a manner of first-hand feelings - the senses and duties which follow soon after. Some pages are commendable for the sheer choice of words making a lasting impact on the readers. 'Coffee Date', 'Promise', 'Apologize', 'Fulfilled Wishes' and 'A poem to myself' definitely has an undertone of worries and warnings which are addressed to and remedied in the poems that follows them. It is a good effort by the poet to bring out a short book which will appeal to a lot of people in their moments of solitude.

Overall this book is a feel-good book in my opinion, which has a poem for every shade of love, life, and living. It helps you move out of your comfort zone into rethinking the decisions you made, into reliving both the good and the bad that you might have experienced in love, and most importantly a message on the universality of poems written during 'sweet moments, simple desires, honest wishes and bitter truths hence Cocoa Truths'.

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