BR #17 | DareDreamers | Kartik Sharma, Ravi 'Nirmal' Sharma | Rupa Publications | ★★★★★

Book - DareDreamers
Author - Kartik Sharma, Ravi 'Nirmal' Sharma
Publisher - Rupa Publications
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Kartik Sharma is an alum of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad, who pursues his passion for writing while working as a public health professional. He leads the difficult life of an optimist. Kartik’s father Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma is an alum of Delhi College of Engineering. After being a serial entrepreneur for more than two decades, he now works as a creative conceptualizer. The duo is Delhi-based.

Book Review: "DareDreamers" by Kartik Sharma & Ravi 'Nirmal' Sharma is a marvelous tale which is fast-paced, believable and enthralling. This action adventure story addresses a lot of key issues of work, life and the lengths we go to prove our 'worth'. One may not find solace in every action taken but every action taken definitely has a broader motif than meets the eye. A lot is to be learnt and lamented in opening a startup and successfully steering it to success against all odds of competition, threat, and uncertainty!

We are brought to witness the evolution of Rasiq - a brilliant IIT student, thereafter a successful investment banker, but, will he become the man he always dreamt of -  creating a startup and impacting lives? One may think that it's easy considering we are reading a story, however, the father-son duo who authored this book put enough research into their cause into skilfully making us witness the reality of startups in our country. One needs to earn success - and yes, also pay the price...what 'price' are we talking about? A team of 6 daredevils, all from different walks of life ironically tired with 'life', embarks on a mission to save lives. There is action in the air (helicopter and flight stunts), water (abroad), and land (obviously).

The geographical settings of the story are a treat for book lovers since every course of action is filled with Bollywood style heroism but convincing. We get to interact with real-life superhero characters in the plot who have all left their 9-5 jobs in search of a dream united by our protagonist. We learn that it's not always the medals and money that matters, but a sheer will to bring lasting satisfaction from doing good and what's right. A well-crafted climax provides the perfect tension needed as some firms may go to unimaginable lengths to bring doom to competitors. Do our heroes build a successful startup? Or do they fall prey to the maliciousness of competition? What to choose between two situations and what not to do in a situation? All answers lie in the myriad experiences of our DareDreamers!

This well-woven action-packed story will enthrall a lot of audiences as it relays the successes and failures in life which are overcome by support from friends, family, parents and a supportive father who cracks jokes even in tense situations for the sake of his son's well being - a character trait hard to miss and evident throughout the story considering the relationship the authors share.

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