BR #15 | Along the Way | Shreesha Khare | Notion Press | ★★★

Book - Along the Way
Author - Shreesha Khare
Publisher - Notion Press
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) The author is an avid reader with gratitude for others and has a love for learning new things. She has the good habit of meditation, followed by exercise before bath, which helps her maintain the mind-body balance.

Passion never fails, and it is this passion for writing that helped her to bring out the writer in her. Change is what keeps her going as it is the only thing that is constant in the world. Compassion for others is what drives her purpose.

Book Review: "Along the Way" by Shreesha Khare is a short book that reflects upon the positivity of love. We find an insight into the psychology behind how to deal with love and the many facets it brings to test a relationship - some ups, many downs, but overall a sense of belonging, which if absent, can lead to a turmoil of identity. I found the writing style compelling but sometimes the paragraphs seemed to resemble a short sermon which could have been made interesting through dialogues.

The protagonist of the story, Amelie, lives in USA but dreams of some work experience in the UK. Having mastered the knowledge and sciences in her field, she steps into the real world through internships and trainings where chance lets her meet two people - Steve in USA and Peter in UK. The story follows an unusual narrative where we find Amelie trying to deal with her identity as a person - the support she expects from these two very special persons in her life and the grave consequences of her expectations. Does she fall in love with Steve or Peter? Who really loves her and who is just a friend? Who can ultimately turn the tides in favor of a lasting relationship? One must read this story to find out.

Overall, I found a reflection of the many experiences the author might have had in her real life in some places of the story but mainly the lessons she wants us to convey through her characters is as important as understanding the story itself. The real motto of which melts down to the universal reconnaissance - one must love oneself first to help others. I believe that somewhere deep down we all need help in reassuring ourselves that we are not alone, that help is always there, and even if we are alone sometimes, we can overcome what's left of the problem with love and compassion. 

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