BR #12 | Hope In Paris! (The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. I) | Donnalyn Vojta | New Traditions Publishing | ★★★★★

Book - Hope In Paris! (The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. I)
Author - Donnalyn Vojta
Publisher - New Traditions Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) After 44 years on this Earth, the one constant, in terms of Donnalyn Vojta's strengths, is writing. From college to legal writing to lesson planning, and now fiction writing, it is her favorite and strongest skill. Vojta has a B.A. (cum laude) in Philosophy, including a minor in Literature. She also earned her J.D. in 1999. When she is not writing fiction, Vojta is working as an Academic Private Tutor in all subjects related to English.

Book Review: "Hope In Paris! (The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. I)" by Donnalyn Vojta is a suspense thriller loosely based on romance. The book has a unique narration style as the narrators seem to be none other than Teddy bears! But, it is NOT a children's story as the teddy bears go on to tell a fast-paced tale of the gruesome past and thrilling present that fate has in store for their owners. The setting of the story is mostly in the beautiful city of Paris as true to its title, however, some earlier events that help in developing the plot and background are based in America.

We have Kelly living in USA, trying to escape from her psychotic boyfriend Mark. Her elder sibling sister Tori has escaped from their parent(s) to Paris and started a new life there under the name of Rachel. Why? Tori a.ka. Rachel meets an adorable funny guy in Paris named Richard who is apparently on a 4 months holiday trying to find love after the death of his mother and to keep a promise. What promise? He happens to be from USA too and talks about his college days. He mentions a friend named Geoff during his college days. Mark and Kelly's relationship start coincidentally after the death of a girl named Haley whose sister Chloe is now the personal detective of Kelly. Suspects are high that Geoff murdered Haley and changed his identity. Did he change his name to Mark? Does Richard know anything about all these? Why Paris? Does love truly exist among the characters?

The above questions are answered by three teddy bears - Fair Bear, Love Bear, and Sleepy Time Bear, in front of whom most of the actions take place. We are dragged into an exciting world where events are described from the viewpoint of stuffed animal toys! This story is remarkable in its conclusion. The author has created beautiful settings, describing at length the places and characters who play an interesting game in love, belief, and betrayal.

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