BR #11 | Kaleidoscope of Love | Priyanka Bhuyan | BecomeShakespeare | ★★★★

Book - Kaleidoscope of Love
Author - Priyanka Bhuyan
Publisher - BecomeShakespeare
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Priyanka Bhuyan has been writing ever since her school days. She has written a variety of articles and short stories for different publications. She has done Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University and currently working in a central PSU. She's a born romantic, a soul wanderer from the beautiful city of Guwahati. She's an avid reader, likes to play badminton and enjoys travelling.

Book Review: "Kaleidoscope of Love" by Priyanka Bhuyan is a collection of 10 short love stories on the theme of love. The stories cover a wide range of aspects that shows all the sides of love. From winning love to losing it, from sacrificing in love to betraying for love, the book is a well-built shadow of awareness which goes at length to explore the varied facets of love. We find many references to the authors' home town of Guwahati in Assam. The author is in love with her place and that is evident from the many rich imageries and direct locational links established throughout her stories.

The flow of the stories has a rather anti-climatic approach. We find happy ending stories in the beginning but when the book concludes, the ending stories are of the not-so-happy kind. However, that should not deter one from reading it since the many emotions of love have been explored throughout the shadow of human nature. Take for example 'Harikanta' where a dad's love waiting for her daughter studying abroad has been shown, or the physically challenged love in 'I See You'. 'The Betrayal', 'The Broken Wing' and 'The First Shower' are rather dark for an ending but the author prepares you for the coming storm by adding two beautiful love stories in the middle based on chance coincidences namely 'Mirage and Reality' and 'O my Love it was You' - both of which are bound to make you smile and soothe instincts. The writing style is calm and we find a lot of similies highlighting the rich cultural background of the author. Nearly all the stories have the same place of setting at the geography where the author feels alive.

This collection of love stories will appeal to a lot of people and create a lasting impact after reading a few. I would definitely like to see sparks of realization from readers where they are successful in connecting with the wider meaning of love and all the emotion it entails after reading this beautiful collection of 10 short stories. The author has made a lasting impact in her thoughts which are sure to create more such heart-wrenching books in the future. Grab your copy today for an experience filled in love!

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