BR #8 | So This Is How I Die Of Wandering | Palak Sharma | Delhi Poetry Slam | ★★★★

Book - So This Is How I Die Of Wandering
Author - Palak Sharma
Publisher - Delhi Poetry Slam
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Palak Sharma is a storyteller and poetess with a flair for the unheard tales of distant lands. She brings in her work a geography of expressions that crosses the physical and mental barriers. After completing her honours in Economics, she has now embarked on the path of storytelling through poetry. She is a Global Youth Ambassador & Educator at Unacademy. Palak wishes to make the world a better place not just through her words but works too. She resides in Rajasthan, India currently, before moving to Europe for her Masters.

Book Review: "So This Is How I Die Of Wandering" by Palak Sharma is a collection of 28 poems which remain true to the book title. The poet will have a hard time choosing between two conditional wishes - a spaceship to explore the universe but not come to earth, or, a time machine to explore the past and present inside the earth but not go into space. I found this collection pay homage to geography as it was rich with imagery and names of places that truly bring out the adventure in any traveler, or help create one. Philosophies reflecting lessons taught. Poems inspired by life, earth-like experiences bringing out humane emotions.

Some poems are written to highlight some existential truth bringing references from the past in a beautiful poetic fashion. Others make you realize how the poet has come to terms with her own past accepting that the flowing river must move on despite missing sweet memories of bygone eras. It is the way of life, of sacrifice. While poems like 'Infamy by Historians' speak of past atrocities and how history is always written by the victors, 'When I Think of You' takes you into an imperfect love ballad. There is a hidden connotation of surprise at how quick we grow up in the poem 'Summer of Colors'; and the poems 'Dew Drops', 'Thou Write', 'Advice Not Taken' and 'The Journey to Create' almost form a quadruple story positioned correctly near the climax of the book (or so it seems). The poet also excels in positioning herself as a living soul inside an inanimate object and describing situations through her imagination full of vivid dreams. 'I Wish You Knew' how alive this collection of poetry really is.

The book is a short one, a light and encouraging read full of names of places that will tour you into all continents spread across the globe. The cover is adventurous while pages are of equal magnitude in quality and print. There are a few wonderful images scattered across appropriate locations inside the book and the blurb along with the preface are also poetic in nature. Lines which make this poetry book a truly intriguing piece of highlight in bookshelves. This collection is recommended to poetry, adventure, and travel lovers, or anyone looking to explore a beautiful world of ours through imagination.

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