BR #6 | The Gen-Y Poet | J. Valentine | Maple Press | ★★★★

Book - The Gen-Y Poet
Author - J. Valentine
Publisher - Maple Press
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) James Valentine is a twenty-three year old millenial holding a Bachelor of Law (B.A., L.LB.) degree. Nicknamed the "Gentle Giant" by his friends at the tender age of 12, James now towers at six foot six and bears a rather uncanny resemblance to Big Foot. With a fondness for poetry and fantasy fiction, he has just started his struggles to achieve excellence.

Book Review: "The Gen-Y Poet" by J. Valentine is a collection of 28 poems covering thoughtful topics on the usual and unusual. The poet mostly writes in short sentences, the stanzas are brief, yet they convey a lot of power and vocabulary in delivering the intended. I appreciate the use of many poetic tools in the poems and the poet seems to stem out from his belief in a world capable of doing better.

The overall feel of the poems are positive, warming and some serve as a sign of warning. Take for example 'Finding Friendship' where the innocence among children, when they choose friends with a pure and open heart, is highlighted. Or the failures of society in 'Last Slice of Bread', which speaks about the tale of sorrow in creating a more equal world guaranteeing the basic amenities to people. Not every day is a good day but 'Those Days' teaches you to overcome the monotonicity in life which may arise a sense of frustration in you.

This poetry book is a feel-good book that is recommended for poetry lovers as well as to people looking for some intelligent light read invoking out the subtle. I loved the collection of poems as they reflect on a variety of think-different topics in fewer lines.

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