BR #5 | Parenting the Growing Child: Tweens and Teens | Kshama Rao | MyBooks Publication | ★★★

Book - Parenting the Growing Child: Tweens and Teens
Author - Kshama Rao
Publisher - MyBooks Publication
Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Kshama Rao is an author. She is a post graduate in Science (Human Development). She had the subject of labor in her post-graduation course. Kshama has passed her MSc from Bengaluru University. This is her third book. She has won the writer, award for the woman newspaper Reporther. Mrs. Kshama Rao has a teenager daughter. She was in Africa for seven years in her childhood and is currently residing in Navi Mumbai.

Book Review: "Parenting the Growing Child: Tweens and Teens" by Kshama Rao is a comprehensive guide book based on relevant tips for the proper upbringing of children. It is an informative book for parents which can be used to learn different ways on how to parent healthy and intelligent children. It explores facets relating to times during pregnancy, a newborn child, follows the child's growing years, then continues the journey of improvement in lifestyle and healthy parent-child relation during teenage years.

The commendable aspect of the book is its pointwise explanation through the chapters on subjects relating to raising intelligent children, making children delighted, childhood issues and safety, sibling rivalry, obesity, healthy eating, teenage cycles, social issues faced by growing children, remedies for depression, things we say to our children, food and living habits for overall improvement in lifestyle, etc. In short, the book covers a wide range of topics that is definitely worth a read. It offers variety which I liked.

This book is a must read for new parents who have just started their journey of parenthood. It can also be read by teenagers who want tips on improving their relationship with their parents. The book is a good self-help book with a range of problems encountered and solutions offered.

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