BR #4 | Life in the Sunshine: Autobiography of an Unknown Cricketer | T. Sathish | Notion Press | ★★★★★

Book - Life in the Sunshine: Autobiography of an Unknown Cricketer
Author - T. Sathish
Publisher - Notion Press
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) T. Sathish is an IIM Calcutta alumnus and works in Cognizant technology solutions. Sathish is an avid sports fan and a writer. Sathish writes columns in the cricket section of, an online sports magazine. He has published a short story named ‘Hang in there’ on the Juggernaut publishing’s digital writing platform. Sathish lives in Chennai, with his wife and his son.

Book Review: "Life in the Sunshine: Autobiography of an Unknown Cricketer" by T. Sathish is a beautiful story inspired by the game of cricket. It depicts all the facets of the game - cricket as a sport, cricket as a hobby, cricket as a religion and finally, cricket as a game people fall in love with. The protagonist goes on to show how his love for the game, changes the very humane nature of his living. It ultimately shapes his childhood into adulthood through the way he thought, faced challenges and overcame them. Events take place simultaneously in two universes - the real cricketing world with tournaments and World Cups and the influenced cricketing world of the protagonists with school and college matches and hostel cups.

Based on popular cricket culture prevailing around the world during the 1980s, the story highlights key events leading right up to the new millennium. It brings into the scene some characters who have spent an entire generation growing up with cricket. Don't mistake the book as just another fancy informative read, but take it as a guide that explores how children during the latter part of the last millennium grew up with cricket. We walk into the lives of ordinary children having extraordinary aspirations and faith in the game. Do their aspirations become fruitful later in life as they grow up? Does all their hard work for the game really earn them anything? How will they react on learning that some dreams might not come true for all of them?

This book is a must-read not only for people who love cricket and sports in general but also to people who want to read an inspiring story even without having much knowledge about the game. The characters of this story are sure to make you love fall in love with how cricket inspires some of our everyday lives from a young age and lasts for a lifetime.

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