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BR #8 | So This Is How I Die Of Wandering | Palak Sharma | Delhi Poetry Slam | ★★★★

Book - So This Is How I Die Of Wandering Author - Palak Sharma Publisher - Delhi Poetry Slam Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Palak Sharma is a storyteller and poetess with a flair for the unheard tales of distant lands. She brings in her work a geography of expressions that crosses the physical and mental barriers. After completing her honours in Economics, she has now embarked on the path of storytelling through poetry. She is a Global Youth Ambassador & Educator at Unacademy. Palak wishes to make the world a better place not just through her words but works too. She resides in Rajasthan, India currently, before moving to Europe for her Masters.

Book Review: "So This Is How I Die Of Wandering" by Palak Sharma is a collection of 28 poems which remain true to the book title. The poet will have a hard time choosing between two conditional wishes - a spaceship to explore the universe but not come to earth, or, a time machine to explore the past and present inside the earth…

BR #7 | Love As We Know It | Poetry Anthology | Poem Pajama | ★★★★★

Book - Love As We Know It Author - Poetry Anthology Publisher - Poem Pajama Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Raizel Michelina Suresh, Neha Agarwala, Romita Handa, Seshan Pillay, Muskaan Duneja, Hansika Jethnani, Bhavneesh Kaur, Anshita Mehrotra, Aakanksha Jha, Chaithra Mathews, Amrit Versha, Sama Rizvi, Rakshita Singh,, Shubhangi Kaushik, Ananya Singh, Stuti Jha, Manjishtha Pahilajani, Saffana Siddiqui, Dinesh Kinger, Trevor Pinto, Rohit Son Kamble, Aboli Patil, Nandini Srivastava, Trisha Singh, Kopal Vijay, Sayesha Wankhede, Florence Keisam, Samia Hasan, Subi Kumari, Twinkle George, Siddhi Kakade, Bharti Bansal, Meharmeet Kaur, Manorma Pandey, Jyoti Mishra, Ritika Agarwal, Riyansha Shahare, Runjhun Kaushal, Aishwarya Arya, Rakshitha Reddy, Anandi Batabyal, Devanshi Mungse, Albinia Pinheiro, Namitha Maria Benny, Komal Malik, Naga Lavanya Desiraju, Simran Takkar, Shruti Pandey, Nandini Gayatri, Sneha Vyas, Ankit Jaiswal, Muavia Saleem, Shaurya Thakur, Jagatti Krishna, Jyothi Swaroop …

BR #6 | The Gen-Y Poet | J. Valentine | Maple Press | ★★★★

Book - The Gen-Y Poet Author - J. Valentine Publisher - Maple Press Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) James Valentine is a twenty-three year old millenial holding a Bachelor of Law (B.A., L.LB.) degree. Nicknamed the "Gentle Giant" by his friends at the tender age of 12, James now towers at six foot six and bears a rather uncanny resemblance to Big Foot. With a fondness for poetry and fantasy fiction, he has just started his struggles to achieve excellence.

Book Review: "The Gen-Y Poet" by J. Valentine is a collection of 28 poems covering thoughtful topics on the usual and unusual. The poet mostly writes in short sentences, the stanzas are brief, yet they convey a lot of power and vocabulary in delivering the intended. I appreciate the use of many poetic tools in the poems and the poet seems to stem out from his belief in a world capable of doing better.

The overall feel of the poems are positive, warming and some serve as a sign of warning. Take for ex…

BR #5 | Parenting the Growing Child: Tweens and Teens | Kshama Rao | MyBooks Publication | ★★★

Book - Parenting the Growing Child: Tweens and Teens Author - Kshama Rao Publisher - MyBooks Publication Rating - ★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Kshama Rao is an author. She is a post graduate in Science (Human Development). She had the subject of labor in her post-graduation course. Kshama has passed her MSc from Bengaluru University. This is her third book. She has won the writer, award for the woman newspaper Reporther. Mrs. Kshama Rao has a teenager daughter. She was in Africa for seven years in her childhood and is currently residing in Navi Mumbai.

Book Review: "Parenting the Growing Child: Tweens and Teens" by Kshama Rao is a comprehensive guide book based on relevant tips for the proper upbringing of children. It is an informative book for parents which can be used to learn different ways on how to parent healthy and intelligent children. It explores facets relating to times during pregnancy, a newborn child, follows the child's growing years, then continues the journey …

BR #4 | Life in the Sunshine: Autobiography of an Unknown Cricketer | T. Sathish | Notion Press | ★★★★★

Book - Life in the Sunshine: Autobiography of an Unknown Cricketer Author - T. Sathish Publisher - Notion Press Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) T. Sathish is an IIM Calcutta alumnus and works in Cognizant technology solutions. Sathish is an avid sports fan and a writer. Sathish writes columns in the cricket section of, an online sports magazine. He has published a short story named ‘Hang in there’ on the Juggernaut publishing’s digital writing platform. Sathish lives in Chennai, with his wife and his son.

Book Review: "Life in the Sunshine: Autobiography of an Unknown Cricketer" by T. Sathish is a beautiful story inspired by the game of cricket. It depicts all the facets of the game - cricket as a sport, cricket as a hobby, cricket as a religion and finally, cricket as a game people fall in love with. The protagonist goes on to show how his love for the game, changes the very humane nature of his living. It ultimately shapes his childhood into adulthood th…