BR #2 | In Pursuit of a Family | Shilpa Menon | Notion Press | ★★★★

Book - In Pursuit of a Family
Author - Shilpa Menon
Publisher - Notion Press
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Shilpa Menon is a Chemical Engineer. After having worked a few years in the petroleum industry, she decided to start her own business to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions. She founded her own brand, which deals in a range of lifestyle, kids’ educational and eco-friendly products. Her interests include baking, photography, travelling, reading and arts and crafts. She currently lives in Chennai, India, with her husband and son. Her quest for the eclectic and the unquenched desire to walk a road less travelled have led her to finding her passion of writing fiction, with Scars Do Heal as her debut novel. You may contact her on

Book Review: "In Pursuit of a Family" by Shilpa Menon is another powerful love story. A first look at the cover would reveal that the author has a bestselling book up her rack, and rightly so, because this piece of romance fiction is her second book and would be a lovely read if the first one "Scars Do Heal" is read first, given the fact that many characters are repeated, although in a different story line. The protagonists are Zsofia, an orphaned child just out of university, and Kevin Percy, co-founder of an architecture company, a genius, but with a playboy past. Both of them are almost a decade apart in ages, yet they both fall for each other! But that is not interesting. What is interesting is their past and how they adjust to cope up with it.

While Zsofia always had to be on her own, and fight the world herself to stand on her feet being an orphaned child, Kevin was from a well-to-do family and was a spoilt child during his early career years.  However with age and maturity, he reflected back on his bygone years and started out to make things right. The meeting with Zsofia left him perplexed, questioning the affectionate side of Kevin and life changed forever for Zsofia too. But were the achievements in Zsofia's life solely due to the backing of an influential boyfriend who even took her in as intern in his own company after her university? Or was Zsofia truly different and talented from the rest? Did Kevin's past as a playboy affect his present growing love, as karma seemed to grow heavy on him towards the climax? Or did Zsofia's orphaned past haunt their relationship as she always seemed to avoid social gatherings and festivals? Well, one must read the book to find out!

The only slight weak point in the plot this time seemed to be lack of a powerful antagonist, but still there is some serious damage towards the end from where the climax really takes a turn, thus becoming interesting. Overall the story is heartwarming and is really good to read. It takes the readers on a journey of self realization where it proves that no matter how worse God has made the situation for you, He has also undoubtedly provided ways to overcome from it. The secret lies in not ignoring the angels which come in our lives and always striving to make life happy. The story is a true eye-opener and a must read for everyone.

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