BR #1 | Scars Do Heal | Shilpa Menon | Notion Press | ★★★★★

Book - Scars Do Heal
Author - Shilpa Menon
Publisher - Notion Press
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Shilpa Menon is from idyllic Mauritius. She has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town. After working for a few years in the petroleum industry, she pursued her entrepreneurial ambitions and founded her own luxury lifestyle brand. Her business is into a range of niche lifestyle products that are friendly to the environment, educational aids, tools and toys for children. Her other interests include baking, painting, photography, travelling and reading. Her quest for the eclectic and an unquenched desire to walk down a road less travelled lead her to finding her passion in writing fiction. You can contact her at

Book Review: "Scars Do Heal" by Shilpa Menon is a powerful love story, the one where each protagonist has a dreadful past. Sonal, a rape victim who is not at comfort around men, and Dr. Percy, who had already lost his pregnant wife quite some years back, wants to take things to the next level. But both must come to terms with their past first. The role of the antagonists are equally significant. Events occur in India and London as the author beautifully intertwines this love story with a message that touches the heart. The mind must be at peace for making rational decisions and one must read the book to find out whether the characters complement each others decisions or hurt more!

Life must go on and I found the story quite convincing in its turn of happenings. It displays a plethora of life changing events, and every character has some real life lessons to teach. The book is very inspirational and will leave the reader gasping for more as the story progresses. The writing style is simple yet detailed. The author deserves appreciation for the amount of research she put into developing every minute incident and report. I found no flaw and the story is overall close to what might easily happen in reality. The climax and unexpected turn of events towards the end while maintaining the time balance throughout, makes the reader contented as to the possible outcome.

Not every love story is perfect and it is the imperfections which make us learn about life. This is a book which will appeal to most readers. The story is well thought of and I won't be surprised if some portions pull some strings from your heart. It is a highly commendable story which deserves appreciation on a personal note. 

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